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WiFi Calling opens up the last hidden corners of our cities for seamless digital communications – whether at the back of the biggest store or on the deepest platform of the metro, Communications Service Providers (CSP) can now boost customer loyalty like never before.


Atos has developed this turnkey WiFi Calling solution in partnership with mobile device software vendor, Lydrasoft. 


Our WiFi Calling relies on an IMS core network for implementing the solution in a standard way. The solution comprises:


  • The Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) mobile client from Lydrasoft. It provides smartphone software for an intuitive, transparent, and friendly user experience for voice and messaging services.
  • The WiFi Calling Telephony Application Server (TAS) and Media Resource Function (MRF) products from Atos.  The WiFi Calling TAS provides IR.92/IR.94 compliant telephony services for initiated calls, gateways for sending and receiving SMS and USSD messages while in WiFi mode, as well as T-ADS functionality which manages whether to deliver calls over the WiFi or cellular network, and finally Online Charging Integration for supporting prepaid and/or cost control.




The solution addresses key challenges faced by CSPs and delivers hard benefits:


  Win and wow customers
  • Subscribers enjoy low-cost, high-quality calls and messages - even outside their cellular coverage area.
  • They don’t need to worry about roaming charges. They also have the same service experience associated with their individual mobile phone numbers.
  • All this allows CSPs to boost customer loyalty; attract new customers; and win back business from Over-The-Top (OTT) players.


  Reduce network operating costs and minimize CapEx
  • WiFi Calling is a cost-effective way of offloading traffic from the cellular network.
  • The solution acts as a bridge between 3G and LTE networks, reducing or delaying CapEx in 4G network rollouts - while keeping the CSP in the loop for both voice and data traffic.


In addition to boosting loyalty and reducing network operating costs, WiFi Calling opens up new revenue streams associated with innovative value-added services that will help CSPs compensate for the dwindling margins on pure voice calls that have affected them in recent years. 


Many CSPs have already implemented some of these value-added services thanks to Atos products including, for example: Virtual PBX, Number Translation, Messaging Center and VoLTE.  All of these products are fully compatible with our WiFi Calling solution: all are built on the same convergent platform


The Atos and Lydrasoft WiFi Calling solution is ready for immediate adoption.  


Are you ready? Let’s get started!




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WiFi calling service for Cell C in South Africa


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Boosting loyalty, coverage and service continuity


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