ISRM for Insurance

Identity, Security and Risk Management for Banking
Protecting financial services

Proving security excellence at The Olympic Games
Any event that attracts the attention of over four billion people will also be exposed to risk. To head off these risks, Atos integrates security into all levels of the IT infrastructure and organization of the Olympic Games – and delivers real-time, 24-hour-a-day risk management during the Games themselves.

Our complete approach to Identity, Security and Risk Management (ISRM) meant that over the 17 days of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games, we filtered over 200 million IT security events. All alarms were resolved without any impact on the Olympic Games themselves.

A more effective ISRM approach
Cyber-threats, access and identity management and regulatory compliance are vital issues for the financial services sector. Failures here can have grave consequences including loss of client trust, falls in stock price and even fines and penalties.

Our ISRM portfolio has been proven in the mission-critical security environment of the Olympic Games and Atos’ complete ISRM portfolio brings that same proven, on-time, mission-critical delivery to your organisation. Our ISRM solutions for financial services include:

  • Transactional Fraud Management 
  • Atos Liquidity Risk Analyzer 
  • Atos High Performance Security 
  • Atos ®DirX Suite of Identity and Access Management Solutions
  • Atos Cloud Security Services.

Creating ISRM that works
Atos has 30 years of experience working with financial services companies as well as worldwide experience of security and risk management. Our ISRM portfolio is trusted by banks, defense and national security agencies, emergency services and government bodies. It’s an approach and a solution set that keeps their operations and transactions fully compliant and safe from fraud.

For more information please download the Identity, Security and Risk Management for Financial Services Factsheet.

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