Patient Centric Healthcare

Patient Centric Healthcare



Connected digital platforms are the first step in enabling staff to respond to patient needs in new and truly personalized ways, as well as empowering individuals to play a greater role in their own health and wellbeing.


Patient-centricity is now a key  part of effective healthcare services in today’s digitized world. Patients themselves are demanding more from their healthcare providers than ever before, which is pressuring healthcare organizations to deliver against patient expectations in a similar way to organizations in the commercial sector.


Committed to real-time, connected, patient-centric health and social care

The thinking and lessons learned from customer experience programs run in other sectors are equally valid in the health sector. In particular, it is essential to put in place the digital tools, the infrastructure, and the culture to support a single patient view and truly personalized care provision.


By achieving this, healthcare organizations are better able to understand patient situations and behaviors and tailor treatment accordingly. And providing this level of personalized, targeted service can cut treatment costs while potentially increase the quality of care itself at the same time.


Atos Healthcare can help you achieve this from three perspectives:

  • Patient Relationship Management: building a 360° view of patient expectations and behaviors  with advanced solutions to engage patients one-to-one
  • Self-care portals and teleservices: empowering patients to manage care services in the ways that suit them best
  • Patient engagement: developing multi-channel, self-service communications with digital signage across healthcare networks, including online and mobile.


Atos as your partner for patient-centric digital transformation

Atos can provide healthcare organizations with the digital expertise to achieve fully personalized, real-time, and predictive care:

  • Telehealth – delivering an intelligent service platform for remote patient assistance for patients across regions, including advanced clinical applications and monitoring
  • Multi Channel
  • Self-Care– empowering citizens to manage their own healthcare decisions, from preventative care to treatment options for long-term chronic ailments

Atos eHealth solutions

Healthcare solutions from Atos focus on empowering healthcare professionals to provide the best care they can, for the best outcomes.

Improving citizen self-management
Multichannel access to secure and reliable information empowers citizens to manage their own healthcare decisions, from preventative care to treatment options for long-term chronic ailments.

Better access to information for healthcare professionals
Easy and secure access to essential decision-making information, regardless of location, and better management of disparate systems and sources helps to support care professionals, ensuring they make the right decisions for the right outcomes.

Improving operations for better patient care
Taking an intelligent and innovative approach to the way you manage, maintain and develop your systems is vital to ensuring your resources go further. This can greatly impact the citizen care you are able to provide.

Enabling collaborative working
Healthcare organizations now have to rely on complex chains of stakeholders and niche service providers to fulfil their missions. It’s essential to align all of these connections so that the required information is available to those who need it, quickly, reliably and securely.


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