Innovative Health

Innovative Healthcare

Reinventing Healthcare


In other sectors, dynamic organizations have already used digital transformation to reinvent operating models and ways of engaging with stakeholders and customers. Now is the time for healthcare organizations to do likewise.


With other sectors showing what is possible with digital reinvention, healthcare organizations have the opportunity to create new service models to better serve patients and the bottom line.

Of course, ever-increasing patient demands for more personalized care offset by ever-shrinking healthcare budgets are constant pressures that stay the hand of change. A mindset change and a move away from siloed thinking are required.


How to reinvent healthcare delivery through digitization

Digital innovation in practice means taking the opportunities that digital provides to reinvent the scope and scale of healthcare provision. This requires data-sharing across the whole healthcare organization, with practitioners, officials, and sometimes patients themselves. In this way, healthcare data can be turned into valuable operational insight to enable cost-effective treatment decisions.


Atos Healthcare can help you achieve this from four perspectives:

  • Data Analytics: providing policy makers and healthcare officials with the insights to make informed decision at the right time and provide clinicians all relevant information to perform precision medecine
  • Sharing data: making the right data publicly available to maximize monetary and service value
  • Collaboration platforms: establishing practical frameworks for effective multi-stakeholder and multi-agency collaboration
  • Alternative business models: creating new value-based models, such as public-private partnerships.


Atos as your partner for innovative digital transformation

Atos can provide healthcare organizations with the digital experience and know-how to establish best-practice business reinvention through innovation:

  • ECM4Health – The Atos Enterprise Content Management for Healthcare offering provides a service to enable a single view of patient medical documents and images linked with the patient's record, regardless of modality, location or format. It also supports common Healthcare standards and features a product driven solution for all requirements coming out of ehealth topics.
  • Cloud4Health  – providing a step-change in service delivery and consumption, breaking through organizational silos to establish flexible, scalable, and mobile care provision
  • Analytics4Health – identifying the causes of disease, changes in patient outcomes, and investment made in treatments to provide the best and most cost-effective mix of services

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Press Release

Atos  Launches new Healthcare IT Service Offering

Service offering based on the EMC Documentum Integrated Patient Record improves data management in hospitals and enhanced clinical workflows

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Boost the translation of Omics to the clinic environment

Boost the translation of Omics to the clinic environment

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