Efficient Healthcare

Efficient Healthcare

Efficient Healthcare


Underpinning every successful patient-centric digital transformation will be core infrastructures and information systems that ensure operational excellence and efficiency.

The acceleration in innovative digital operations is disrupting traditional delivery models in the health sector. The rise of connected patients and the pressure for healthcare providers to offer an anytime-anywhere service is bringing into question the financial viability of existing systems.


Supporting the digital health continuum from foundation services upward

Digital is both the principle disruptive influence on healthcare and the answer to disruption. Modular healthcare platforms that allow organizations to activate services step-by-step are a key digital advance in driving efficiency and patient-centricity at once.

When properly understood, digitized healthcare can create efficiencies in nearly every aspect of operations, clinical care, and patient interaction. Whether it is simply renewing core business systems, rationalizing IT portfolios, or implementing smart outsourcing techniques, a digital strategy with operational excellence at its heart will simplify processes and shorten cycles as well as reduce wastage.


Atos Healthcare can help you achieve this from four perspectives:

  • Process efficiency for business and IT: making streamlined digital healthcare process the foundation of all core activity
  • Core business system renewal: modernizing the foundations of healthcare for the digital age
  • Automated Healthcare: optimizing scheduling and clinical pathways to drive cost reduction
  • ITO and Cloud Services: adopting partnership models that are supported by actual KPI targets.


Atos as your partner for digital transformation in operational excellence

Atos can provide healthcare organizations with the expertise and the solutions to re-align core business systems to the requirements of the digital age:

  • SAP4Health – supporting proactive care with better scheduling and treatment planning, bringing together previously separate teams to dramatically reduce costs, errors, and inefficiencies
  •  Digital Hospital - consult, build, and deploy high performance information and communication systems to provide a better quality of healthcare while controlling costs
  •  ITAH - Atos ICT reference architecture to organize teh present healthcare ICT landscape and make it transparent and provide the roadmap to create the desired situation -  the digital hospital
  •  Workplace4Health - Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC) from the Atos and Dell Alliance uses advanced digital technologies, to deliver a secure, virtualized healthcare solution that deploys exactly the right resources and capabilities to  healthcare professionals, giving them whatever they need, wherever they are. MCC can play a key role enabling improved care, delivering a better experience to patients.

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Orbis Medisch en Zorgconcern

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