Emergency Management

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Keeping citizens safe and secure

When it comes to saving lives and keeping people safe, often a single second can mean the difference between life and death.


One of the main challenges faced by authorities around the world is to guarantee the safety and security of their people by responding effectively and efficiently to emergency situations – both on a daily basis and as a result of unexpected events. 


With 70% of people dying or suffering irrecoverable clinical damage in an emergency situation due to a delay in the response to the distress call, ensuring seamless coordination between the different organizations that make up an emergency management chain is essential.


But legacy IT systems can be difficult to integrate with new applications and processes, inhibiting real collaboration—both within emergency organizations and between them.

Why Atos?

Atos is uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive emergency response and management solution that not only helps to keep society safe but also delivers better and more effective management of positive activities, such as big sporting or cultural events.


We provide integrated, multi-agency and multi-level emergency management solutions, thanks to the depth and breadth of our expertise, backed by over 20 years’ experience in the sector. We’re a key player in cloud, mobility, multi-channel intake and network access and security, giving our customers a 360° view, so that they can make the right decisions, faster.


Our suite of Emergency Management Solutions is web-based, making them easy to deploy and extremely user friendly, requiring little or no admin time. They are designed to integrate with all existing platforms, negating the need to rip and replace.

Talk to us about a joined-up emergency management system that enables better collaboration both within and between response organizations, giving everyone involved access to all the information they need to save lives.


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Case study

Summa 112 emergency services in Madrid

Atos solutions helped Summa 122 improve its emergency management process.

Read the case study >>


Introducing GEMMA™

Emergency Management whitepaper

More about our full-spectrum approach to global emergency management >>


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