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For governments, tight budgets and the need to do more with less aren't the only challenges. Add to the mix an aging and growing population of digitally savvy, global citizens who expect and demand new ways of working, and the realization that data can be a currency that unlocks insight, value and a whole new economy and you have a challenging landscape that only a digital-driven government can meet.


Digital challenges

The move to a digitally-driven government needs to be carefully managed in order to ensure a smooth transition for organizations that cannot afford to interrupt services to citizens.

Atos supports organizations in their journey to digital by addressing four key challenges:

  • Operational excellence: How to shape the new digital landscape and create efficiencies in every possible way?
  • Trust and Compliance: How to ensure Citizen's personal data is kept safe and secure and how to adapt to changing regulations?
  • Citizen experience: How to create and improve Citizen-centric services that meet (and beat) citizen's expectations?
  • Business reinvention: How digital can be leveraged to bring innovation, new models and services to bring more value to citizens, government and businesses?


Efficiency and citizen engagement 

At Atos, we work with governments to meet their objectives through a digital first approach. We believe that great service and IT should both start with the citizen at the center of the process. So citizens and communities feel better supported and more involved…while they optimize every aspect of their operations.


eGovernment solutions

Our eGovernment solutions enable better collaboration between government departments, resulting in shared services, reduced duplication of efforts and greater operational excellence. That means better engagement with all external stakeholders, through online delivery, citizen empowerment, improved efficiency at lower cost, and better user experience.


Connected citizen

Digital mobile communication is increasingly the only way citizens interact with friends, colleagues, brands and businesses. Understandably, they now expect the same easy access and engagement with government.
Atos helps government support citizens with:

  • A complete range of e-Government services, ensuring digital delivery is consistent with users’ best personal experience of mobile and online services, while cutting administration costs
  • Automated and modernized processes, delivering efficient, secure, citizen-trusted and fraud-free services
  • Empowerment to communicate with governments through e-channels, and become partners in a dynamic evolution of services.


Big Data analytics reveals new truths

We are in the age of data. Organizations are awash with information. It can seem overwhelming, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to unearth actionable intelligence that can help you really understand what citizens want – today and tomorrow – and design the services that will be used while cutting those that will not.
Innovative, streamlined and personalized services, based on data intelligence about what citizens want, and not on assumptions from the past, can be delivered.
By analyzing big data, governments can:

  • Identify vulnerable citizens who need careful responses from local services
  • Predict transport pattern to enhance the lives of tomorrow's city dwellers
  • Create new ways of working and new multi-sided business models that create value for government, businesses and citizens.

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Optimized citizen delivery

Atos partners with governments to achieve cost-effective IT strategies that are designed to work in the citizen’s best interests. For example:

  • Our portfolio of cloud products and services help reap the cost and flexibility of agile delivery
  • Complex core systems are renovated and enhanced with more efficient digital tools, to reduce IT costs and improve citizen service.
  • Complete protection of every aspect of citizen and government data, identity and privacy is achieved through advanced, evolving cybersecurity technology.

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