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Maximum flexibility with Atos Mobile Platform as aService (MPaaS)


For organizations that require flexible, versatile and reliable IT infrastructure, Atos offers a Mobile Platform as a Service from a datacenter unit that has been developed in collaboration with Siemens. This innovative data center solution is ideally suited for remote locations and extreme conditions, primarily for temporary use, but also for situations in which the construction of a permanent datacenter is financially unviable or impracticable.
The Atos MPaaS data center units provide a global cloud infrastructure with virtual resources (servers, applications, etc.) based on standard building blocks and managed from a central management environment, with a very short turnaround time from order to operational use.
Atos MPaaS data center units offer a standardized IT infrastructure in a secure data center unit providing full hardware redundancy, including:


  • LAN, WLAN and WAN (VSAT)
  • Firewalls
  • Variable volumes of blade servers andstorage
  • Virtualization
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Backup Services
  • Remote management services
  • Incident Management
  • Change management

Atos provides transportation and installation of the data center MPaaS units to the desired location and decommissioning and removal at the end of the contract term.
Additional options are also available:


  • Management of (virtual) servers, applications and /or (virtual) desktops
  • Additional storage
  • Office
  • Business applications
  • Music and video on demand
  • Video conferencing
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Tracking of persons and / or vehicles
  • Telephony (whether via VoIP)
  • specific customer solutions

Benefit quickly and cost efficiently from ready-to-use, reliable infrastructure, which integrates seamlessly with your existing IT landscape wherever you want.

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Mobile Platform as a service

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Mobile Platform as a Service (MPaaS) is aturn-key solution for a high-quality datacenter, housed in an easily transportable, robust TIERII twin datacenter unit. The MPaaS-datacenter unit comprises a complete, standardized IT infrastructure – flexible, secure and supporting server virtualization.

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