Civil & National Security (CNS)

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Creating a safer world with integrated end-to-end solutions


Comprehensive solutions for critical security scenarios


The asymmetric security threats of the twenty-first century require a complete rethink of information utilization – from access and identity to command and control, from incident management to expeditionary logistics.


Civil and National Security from Atos is a full-spectrum solution and service approach that helps you detect, prevent, respond and recover in a network-centric environment. Whether you are a ministry decision maker, a first responder, border manager or intelligence chief, this comprehensive suite of answers from mission planning and border management to data fusion and emergency response will deliver more integrated and more agile information performance


Unique amongst information partners, Atos can access a complete spectrum of virtual and physical security solutions – from cyber- and airspace to land and sea borders. These include:


  • Border Management - Atos is one of the world’s leading experts in all aspects of border security. Our solutions are able to integrate resources from different authorities, can be rapidly customized to the requirements of an individual country, with security settings calibrated to detailed, specific needs. The Atos approach is fully integrated into a wider set of security and identity related solutions, providing a complete answer to border management needs.
  • Data Fusion and Correlation - The Atos Secure Intelligence and Assessment System provides a single platform that integrates content from many different sources, identifies patterns within the data and presents this in the form of usable intelligence to authorized personnel. The solution is fast, practical and effective in operation, and is based on a great deal of real-world experience. Read more about our GEMS solution for evidence management.  
  • Defense Logistics - The Atos logistics system provides both end to end transparency and instant control over the logistics supply chain and every individual item within it. It helps to keep senior commanders fully aware of real-world conditions, and that makes budgets go further, operations run more smoothly and can also save lives. Atos provides a fully-integrated solution, based on many years’ experience gained as a hands-on partner to armed forces in a range of countries, and most especially Germany. Read more about our Deployable Logistics solutions.
  • eID Documents - Atos supplies solutions that provide individual electronic identity documents and integrates them all within a single, interconnected, highly reliable security strategy. Atos is an acknowledged industry leader in the field of eID, possessing unique IP, proprietary technologies, industry-best practice in biometrics and deep experience gained through a growing number of international projects.
  • Emergency Management - Atos provides a comprehensive emergency response and management solution that not only helps to keep society safe but also delivers better and more effective management of more positive activities, such as big sporting or cultural events. Atos possesses IP and industry-leading technology, combined with live experience of setting up command and control centers under pressure at times of great difficulty.
  • Professional Mobile Radio - Atos provides a Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) solution that ensures secure, robust and utterly reliable service to professional users and the emergency services, irrespective of what is happening on the consumer network. PMR is based on the trusted TETRA and TETRAPOL standards, which combine efficiency with robustness and ensure the highest level of performance at all times.
  • Situation awareness and Mission Planning - Atos provides tools that ensure collection, integration, analysis and delivery of key data in a form that military commanders can instantly understand and act on. This helps to keep all relevant decision-makers fully informed, enabling faster planning, better use of resources and more successful mission outcomes.

Whatever area you are concerned about, the Atos’ Defense & Security business technologists are ready to talk to you about finding the right approach and solution.

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