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Leverage the power of Business-Enabling services to secure competitive advantage with Atos Right-Fit Application Management


Process and application transformation for smart business models


Today’s banks and other financial organizations often have complex IT landscapes, including legacy applications inter-linked with modern architectures, resting on fragmented over-complex infrastructures which are costly to maintain, difficult to modernize and slow down time to market.  This not only may lead to unexpected consequences with routine upgrades but more importantly compromises competitive advantage.


To survive and to compete, the business needs to evolve from current ‘product’ and ‘channel’ driven approaches to become genuinely customer centric organizations offering compelling user experience.


A significant transformation of these applications and of the service to support and maintain them is the key to the smart business models of the future. In the race for faster time to market, organizations now urgently need to base their business success on a solid foundation of smart best of breed applications with notably:


  • In-depth legacy and transformation strategies and expertise critical in maintaining the quality of legacy for business continuity 
  • Cloud model exploitation providing more agile application development and utility provisioning e.g. PaaS, Banking SaaS
  • Optimized Global/Near/On-shore sourcing models to leverage domain expertise, cost and flexibility benefits
  • Extension of applications to support mobility, social collaboration and predictive analytics



A business-driven approach to Application Management


Atos’s core purpose is to help banks' transition to a new ‘digital’ world by providing support in the application transformation journey combined with its industry specific knowledge. The Atos Application Management (AM) services are based on proven, measurable outcomes. The figures show that Atos delivers operational efficiency gains and profit improvement across the board.


  • At the first stage, Atos Foundation Application Management improves your business’ operational efficiency through industrialization and the right delivery model, while continuously driving down costs:
    • Industrialized service delivery delivers an average permanent 15% cost reduction through consistent use of our effective methodologies, tools, governance and continual improvement.
    • Global Delivery from Atos centers of excellence in your country or around the world cuts cost up to 25% through workforce balancing and optimization, backed by an intelligent combination of offshore, near-shore and onshore resources.


  • At subsequent stages, Atos Business-Enabling Application Management services create measurable competitive advantage with our expertise in application landscape transformation further supported by our knowledge of the financial services industry:
    • Atos will deliver significant savings through optimization with application rationalization, cloud enablement, legacy transformation, Business Process Chain Management (BPCM), etc. This is further backed by Innovation delivered through Lean and applications management consulting, innovation workshops and sector-specific applications.
    • Find out more about our differentiated approach through Business Process Chain Management and the Atos Monitoring Bridge and what measurable outcomes it can bring to you: click here


Finally, every year we will drive up to a further 5-10% improvement in productivity and efficiency through the ongoing optimisation of these Foundation and Business-enabling services.

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