Delivering new utility operations models through industrial scale Business Process Services, outsourcing and technology


The transition to a digital world is driving transformation for enhanced financial service business approaches and the creation of new connected and intelligent business models. Economic pressures, regulatory changes and bank consolidation are all putting increasing pressure on financial institutions to operate more efficiently, profitably and more innovatively. And last but not least, new channels are creating new competitors, and new (and existing) customers require ‘always on’ services.


New digital processes and platforms will help address the need to radically revisit the cost base to deliver customers the products they need and to create new value, at a return that meets shareholder demands. These will provide the banks with more efficient, robust and user friendly platforms through advanced computing devices, machine learning applications and Big Data.


How can Business Process Services (BPS) be optimized to increase profits, reduce operational inefficiencies and streamline processes?


Atos treats Business Process Service strategically, your back-office operations, such as securities and payments processing, are managed by experts who will develop them as part of a transformational business model. And, by building these operations on specialist technology platforms to power your banking engine, Atos can help reposition you as a bank of the future.


In other words, the right kind of BPS is not just about increased operational productivity and effectiveness, it can help accelerate your transformation strategy too.

Business Process Services are fundamental to deliver the ‘smart’ business models of the future … more sophisticated digital customer interaction, process automation through intelligent applications / big data and new infrastructure delivery models (cloud).


Atos 'Now Banking' for Business Process Services increases operational productivity and effectiveness in a connected, digital data powered organization

Atos is an industrial scale partner combining vertical Business Process Services (BPS) and advanced technology leadership.  Atos is the #3 BPS European leader and #1 European Big Data and High Performance Computing partner.


Atos’ BPS offers customer value business models such as:
- Functional domain outsourcing
- Technology based BPS utility
- Market utility joint venture with customers (ideally first mover)


How? Atos supports banks in revolutionizing their business process services approach through:
• Richer end-to-end service – rapidly scale up your operations and improve operational excellence with our international delivery model, IT transformation assets, and sophisticated data analytics solutions. A combination of business knowledge and IT service capabilities.

• Strong partnership ecosystem – so every BPS project utilizes best-in-class operational and IT solutions that deliver maximum value.

• Industrial scale and expertise – applied to vertical business processes and linked to measurable outcomes. These can then be developed in stages using a plan, consume, build & run, and deploy approach.

Atos ‘Now Banking’ - acting as your digital transformation partner - connecting intelligent digital business processes and customer interaction, securely, to enable new revenue and business models faster.


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