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IT and Sports – a winning combination

In this digital era, never before has there been so much information to process. This is especially true at the Commonwealth Games, given the sheer amount of big data to manage. With a dedicated team of 60 business technologists working behind the scenes, we delivered critical applications and services essential to a successful staging of Glasgow 2014.


Business Technologist Laurent Peret talks about his role in the Rosetta Space Mission project by Laurent Peret

Laurent is working as part of a collaborative effort between Atos and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES). The team have been handed the unprecedented task of sending a craft over 6.5 billion kilometers to land on an area that would barely cover central London.


Out of the Inbox thinking – from zero email to social collaboration by Marc Bovens

Social networks and communications platforms hold the key to unlocking our true potential. The era of the business consumer is about empowering and connecting people, offering them a platform that allows them to communicate and collaborate most effectively.


Does data have a shelf life? - by Sean Catlin

When is it time for data to disappear and where should you store it effectively?


The power of predictive analytics - by Sean Catlin

Consumers are becoming increasingly connected to the internet and demand intuitive digital experiences. How to use predictive intelligence to enhance the consumer experience.


The Benefits of digitally-led thinking for business - by Rob Price

To implement digital strategies requires two-speed thinking: IT speed and Digital Speed.


The digitization of business - by Rob Price

Digital allows IT departments and businesses as a whole to embrace a ‘single view of the customer’ – tracking their interactions across all business channels and delivering new insights into the needs and desires of the market.



IT from space brought back down to Earth

The world of IT services is generally encouraged to keep its feet on the ground but not so with Atos’ ongoing collaboration with the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) on the Rosetta Space Mission. Only 30 kilometers from its target, the countdown has began.


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