Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics, as the guideline for our compliance strategy towards all Atos stakeholders.

The main principles of the Compliance within Atos:


Atos is committed to developing its business on a sustainable way and wants to lead by example. To achieve this sustainable journey, Compliance with law is a fundamental duty of any organization and an essential part of their Social Responsibility.


The first step to be “Corporate Responsible” is to ensure the Compliance with Atos regulation framework.


This regulation framework is composed of:

  • International and local laws and regulations (European Directive, U.S. law…).
  • Internal policies, procedures, which are built to harmonize the practices within Atos, regardless the specific law applicable.


Our Code of Ethics is a main component of the Atos corporate culture, which illustrates the way Atos wants to conduct its business, in line with highest ethical standards.


  • General business integrity principles

Atos applies the highest standards of professional integrity internally and with its dealings with third parties, based on merit and qualifications, without consideration to race, nationality, gender, age, disability or any other distinctive trait.


  • No bribery or corruption

Atos shall not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption, i.e. providing something of value to influence someone in our favor or accept something for acting against Atos’ interest, nor participate in any form of money laundering.


  • Fair competition

Atos treats its partners with respect and shall not take unfair advantage nor apply discriminatory conditions.
This does not mean that they must be treated in the same manner, but that there must be no advantage granted to one of them without proper objective justification.


  • Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest arise when Atos employees (or members of their family) can potentially benefit personally from their role in company business. Such interest may be material or immaterial. Atos directors and employees’ personal interests or obligations should never be in conflict or interfere with the company’s business activities, and employees must always act for the company’s benefit.


  • Protection of Atos assets – Fraud

Atos has many valuable assets, on which its future depends. Among the most important assets to be protected are Atos information, hardware, tools and intellectual property rights, and this is an obligation pertaining to all Atos employees. Intellectual property rights, for example, cover Atos copyrights, patents, software in object or source code form, technical information, inventions and trade secrets.


  • Duty to act in Good Faith and protection of confidentiality – privileged information

As a general rule, Atos protects the confidential information it owns or which is made available to it by its partners (clients, suppliers or business partners) during the performance of business operations.

In their decisions and actions, Atos employees shall exercise good judgment and comply with the obligation to act in good faith.


Download the Code of Ethics here.

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