Yunano & 400 VIPs from French and Chinese Companies with CCI Paris

5 November 2013 - Yunano & 400 VIPs from French and Chinese Companies with CCI Paris


The award ceremony (here at CCI Paris in 2013) will attract even more corporate guests in 2014 for celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sino-French relationship

From high-tech to retail businesses, leaders gather to share their success stories on Sino-French business activities

Marc Alinat at his presentation about Yunano and his views on Sino-French business strategy

More than 430 corporate VIPs from French and Chinese companies were invited to “Trophées France Chine”, a high-profile award ceremony that was regarded as the precursor to many other events to come in 2014 for celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relationship.


The event took place at the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris) on November 5th, 2013.


The award ceremony, sponsored by Yunano and Bank of China, gathered a broad portfolio of successful companies such as Air Liquide, Air France KLM, Biomerieux, Bureau Veritas, Carrefour, China Air, CGNPC, Essilor, Groupe SEB, Huawei, ICBC, Rexel, Valeo, and many more. Among those, four companies received the awards in three categories of business success: Croissance (Growth), Audace (Audacity), and Alliance.


The CXOs of these companies came forward to share their valuable experience of developing businesses in China and France, along with their exclusive thoughts on business strategy for future Sino-French business investment.


Marc Alinat, CEO of Yunano, was among the CXOs to showcase the importance of Sino-French collaboration, endorsing the established fact that China has become a country where innovations and new technologies are created and business opportunities abound. Marc was interviewed by Jean-Marc Vittory from Les Echo, discussing why Yunano is the IT hub for companies with Western and Eastern operations.


For more information contact:

  • Marc Alinat, CEO Yunano
  • Hsueh-Li Wang, Yunano Professional Services, representing sales opportunities facing Chinese companies

About Yunano

Yunano is a joint venture between Atos, a leading European IT services provider, and Yonyou, Asia’s market leader in enterprise management software – ERP and CRM. The core of the name of Yunano means ‘Cloud Safe’ in Chinese. And for good reason – Atos is a world leader in data security. Headquartered in Europe, Atos delivers secure data access to organizations across the globe.

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