Angelique Ursulet

Angélique Ursulet

Angélique completed a Master’s degree in Intellectual capital and scientific, technical and economic information at University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée and also studied for an MBA in Marketing Management in the Luxury goods industry (part-time) from ISC Paris.


I did my internship between January and July 2013 as a Legal IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Trainee for Atos International within the Group Legal Department. I’d heard about the internships at Atos via a website for jobs and internships on the Internet. Having said that, I had already heard about Atos several years previously, when the company was called Atos Origin as I liked its logo with the fish! Before beginning my internship, I had also noticed that several persons who were members of my professional network (in particular on LinkedIn) also knew people working at Atos.


I decided to apply for an internship at Atos for several reasons. As I was wishing to become a legal expert in intellectual property, I was looking for an internship in the legal department of a company and particularly in intellectual property laws. The internship at Atos would allow me to develop my knowledge on the subject because it is focused on the protection of every type of intangible assets (software, know-how, patents, drawings and models, trademarks, domain names).


Other things I liked about Atos was the fact that the trainees are quickly involved in concrete tasks and that it allows them to realize really that there is a gap between theory and practice. Besides that, I liked the way the communication within the group was being strengthened thanks to the enterprise social network tool blueKiwi and the use of Lync.


I really appreciated the way that trainees are treated as an integral part of the company. One of the tasks I was given was to draft articles in connection with the intellectual property on the internal social network site of the company. I also built a database listing all the patents owning by diverse entities of the Atos group in the world. The next stage will be to import all this data into a tool for managing the patents portfolio.


My work also consisted of getting in touch with the "inventors" (persons who are involved in the creation of a patentable invention) of the Atos group that I had been able to identify. This was in order to send them a survey on patents and on the IP Factory project. Finally, I also worked on writing, and the analysis of, various clauses connected with intellectual property laws.


Overall, I am really satisfied by my internship at Atos. It has allowed me to follow all the legal procedures inherent in the protection of intangible assets and has been an enriching internship as far as the missions which were entrusted to me. I really have had the opportunity to participate in the management of a project under various conditions.

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